Getting Married Here

We are delighted you are considering being married here at St Nicholas’ Church, Newport, Lincoln and offer our warmest congratulations. 

Welcome Form
The very first thing you’ll need to do is download the PDF Welcome Form. Once you’ve completed the form, please return it to the Parish Office by email, by post or by hand. We will then contact you to discuss dates and arrange a meeting with the priest.

Wedding Dates
If your preferred date is available, then we can pencil it in for you right away. However, you’ll need to meet with the priest before the date can be confirmed as there are some legal matters that need to be considered.

Meeting with the Priest
As well as answering your questions about the big day, the Priest will talk you through the legal aspects of marriage.

  • Qualifying to Marry in the Church
    You’ll need to establish a connection with the church. Information on the types of connections that may qualify you are available at:
  • Nationality
    If one (or both) of you are not British Nationals this will require a slightly different legal procedure.
  • Marriage After Divorce
    Being divorced is not necessarily a barrier to getting married in church but it is something the vicar will need to discuss with you.

Confirming the Date
After your meeting, we’ll usually be able to confirm the date for your wedding, although this is subject to the completion of the Banns Process.

Second Meeting
Nearer your big day, we’ll arrange another meeting with the priest who’s marrying you. You’ll have the chance to discuss the finer details of your wedding, including hymn choices and readings.

The statutory costs for a church wedding are published by the Church of England on a yearly basis so unless your wedding is in the current year we can’t give an exact price. The current costs will give an indication of what you might be expected to pay. These can be found on the Your Church Wedding website.

There are also various extras that carry additional charges, such as:

  • Flowers
    Our talented team of flower arrangers are available to make the church look extra special for your big day, if you wish.
  • Organist
    Our organists can accommodate most musical requests.
  • Heating
    Heating isn’t usually required during the summer but we recommend it if you’re getting married in the chillier months!

Filming Your Wedding
Video is permitted by prior agreement only.