1910 and Onwards...


Significant changes to the fabric have taken place since 1910.   In 1923 oak panelling was placed in the Peter and Paul Chapel in memory of the 139 men of the parish who fell in the First World War.   In 1926 a two light stained glass window was placed in the south wall in memory of the Rev'd Edward Tucker Leake who had been the vicar of St. Nicholas for seventeen years.   A new altar rail was added to the Peter and Paul Chapel in 1930 "In loving memory of Fanny Latham", followed by the placing of an aumbry for the Reservation of the Blessed Sacrament in the south wall in 1931.   These changes took place during the incumbency of the Rev'd Patrick Clay, who is commemorated by the six teak wood candlesticks above the High Altar.   A Book of Remembrance containing the names of 27 men who lost their lives in the Second World War was placed in the Peter and Paul Chapel.   Other work carried out during this century include alterations to the roof of the Nave and several major restorations of the tower and spire, and, in the 1980's, of the exterior stonework.   The New Vestries, together with toilets and a small kitchen were added in 1985.


The remainder of the twentieth century proved to be a very busy time for St. Nicholas.  To celebrate the 150th Anniversary the church was completely decorated, with new carpeting being laid and a new lighting system installed.   Various artefacts and gifts were introduced including Stations of the Cross, a Book of Remembrance, new oak doors for the West Entrance, and changes were made both in the Peter and Paul Chapel and the Military Chapel in the North Aisle.   A flagstaff was erected outside and a Garden of Remembrance was dedicated on the south-east side and so began the burial of ashes in that area.


Between 1989 and 1999 no less than eight stained glass windows were introduced; five along the north wall, one at the Baptistery, one in the West Window and finally one in the south wall next to the spire door.  In each case glass had come from redundant or demolished churches and each was donated by parishioners.


In 1998 the whole of the Church was re-roofed at a cost of £61,000 and a £51,000 project was begun to refurbish the organ.   This was completed just after Easter 1999.