"Focal Point" is an informal group for young people from the age of 12 to 18.   We meet once a month and enjoy a range of social activities and fellowship, both within the home setting and "out and about".   Outings have included bowling, a day at the seaside, a treasure hunt, a boat trip down the Brayford and a bonfire party.

We have attended Youth Services locally and shared in worship with other youngsters from the Diocese.   Christmas is usually celebrated with a visit to the Theatre to see a pantomime.   We have also shared fellowship through evenings in - a murder mystery evening, pancake making, DVD and games nights.

Each activity is planned by the group and we meet every six months to arrange our next programme.

The days and evenings on which we meet vary to accommodate the other activities and commitments the youngsters have.   There is no obligation to attend every activity; everyone has a copy of the programme and they come whenever they can.

Focal Point is a small group, but, whenever they get together, there is a lot of chatter and fun to be had! 

For details contact Adele Sheriff on Lincoln 522956.