On the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays during the 10am Parish Eucharist the children at St Nicholas church have the opportunity to spend some time together exploring the week’s Lectionary (the Church’s readings and theme for the week) in a less formal, creative way. They leave the main church during the first hymn and meet together upstairs in the Canon Blenkin Room. 

   Each session begins with an introductory activity, which may be a game or a selection of artefacts to investigate, based on the theme of the week and this will be followed by a short ‘story’. Most weeks we share one of the bible readings selected for that day, although this is presented in a variety of ways including more modern ‘retellings’, drama, poetry and so on. 

   The children and young people then divide into further age groups to complete an activity which allows them to explore the theme in a more age-appropriate way. The younger children tend to enjoy a craft activity while the older ones may engage in a discussion or the production of a group creation. Level Up then returns to the main service for the Eucharistic Prayer when the children re-join their families. 

   Alongside these Level Up sessions (‘Learners’ – for children aged 5 to 8 and ‘Explorers’ – those aged 9 – 12) which are prepared and led by a small group of dedicated leaders, we also offer space for Pre-school aged little ones in the Jennifer Jackson Room – our ‘Beginners’ group. A small range of toys are available for parents to access at any time during the Sunday Morning Service for those babies and toddlers who are ‘finding their feet’ (or hands and knees for the ‘crawlers’!) and need to move around. The service can be heard through speakers in the St Nicholas Centre and there are baby changing facilities available too.

   During the 1st Sunday of every month we have our All Age Worship where the service is slightly altered and the children often take a more active part in the worship through readings and leading the prayers. The Jennifer Jackson room is still available to any family that wishes to use this provision on every Sunday however.