Who was the TV Mastermind’s first quizmaster?  What are the exact  dimensions of a competition table-tennis table?  Which year was the statue of St.Nicholas placed in our church?

   These and a hundred and more other questions kept eighty brains buzzing and heads being scratched at January’s 175th Church Anniversary Quiz.  Teams gathered round eleven tables lining the side aisles of the church whilst Vicar Hugh wandered up and down the centre space declaiming the questions and sidekick Cameron projected scores onto a screen near the chancel steps.  At half time, refreshments  (trayfuls of salad items in smart plastic boxes) were brought  to us and bottles of wine uncorked as participants praised their team-members memories or lamented their slow-witted ignorance!

   It was all good fun, as was the closing raffle which contributed to the net profit of £240.  As we folded away the tables, stacked chairs and tossed used serviettes into binbags we reflected on all the hard work (by Betty Brown and members of the Social Committee) which lay behind this successful evening.  That first round of the Quiz – the dozen coloured pictures of  logos like KFC and BP – still haunts me: the logo which turned out to be Philips electrical.  Why ever couldn’t we remember that?  The winning team (Quizards of Oz) certainly did!

                                                                        The Rev’d David Mowbray