Flower Fest 1


Welcome to the Celebration in Flowers of 175 years of St. Nicholas Church in Newport, Lincoln.  

The displays created by members of the congregation and friends were inspired by the many anniversaries celebrated this year.


Flower Fest 2 

Flower Fest 3 

In the entrance to the church our patron saint St. Nicholas is depicted as the 'secret gift giver' - known to us as Santa Claus.  He is also the patron saint of Sailors, Merchants, Archers, Repentant Thieves, Children, Brewers, Pawnbrokers and Students. 


Flower Fest 4

100 years of Cub Scouting 


Flower Fest 5

At the font Baptism is depicted from Victorian times to the present day. Baptismal gowns are often passed down and used by successive generations. 


Flower Fest 6 

 A celebration of life is commemorated on the Military Altar, especially as we remember the centenary of the Battle of the Somme.


Flower Fest 7 

The seasons of Christmas, Easter and Harvest are celebrated in the pew ends. 


Flower Fest 8

Beatrix Potter has entertained children and adults alike for 150 years.  On the chancel steps Mr. McGregor's garden is a feast for little creatures.


Flower Fest 9 

     Anglican Lay Readership was started 150 years ago,          supporting clergy and congregations in the pastoral and teaching role of the church. 


Flower Fest 10

Flower Fest 11

        Around the lectern HM Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday            is celebrated.


Flower Fest 12

Flower Fest 13 

In the sanctuary we celebrate Royal Weddings in bouquets     through the 175 years from Queen Victoria to Catherine Middleton, the most recent royal bride.


 Flower Fest 14

The High Altar celebrates Confirmation and Holy Communion. 


Flower Fest 14 

 Mothers' Union was started 140 years ago by Mary Sumner.  The international flowers in the Prayer Chapel suggest the care the organisation gives around the world. 


Flower Fest 16

St. Nicholas Brownies built a Promise Tree. 


At the base of all the pillars flower arrangements depict some of the plays of William Shakespeare, celebrating 400 years since his birth.  Can you guess the names of the plays? 


Flower Fest 17 


Flower Fest 21


















Flower Fest 18

Flower Fest 20

Flower Fest 19

Flower Fest 24 


The 2 large arrangements at the back of the church, near the main entrance, show the change in design over 175 years, as do the arrangements on the window sills. 

Flower Fest 25

Flower Fest 26