St Nicholas’ Church

League of Nations Quiz 



15th January 2018


About 80 people were welcomed into a warm church on a wet and windy Monday night for our League of Nations Quiz.  Teams of various sizes with names such as The Nimwits, The Birthday Party, The Six Saints and The Allsorts pooled their knowledge and experience to answer rounds of tricky questions on subjects ranging from “The Natural World”, “General Knowledge”, “Music” , “True or False” and “The League of Nations”. 

There was much laughter, scratching of heads, with puzzled faces and cries of disappointment/amazement/victory as, round by round, Hugh announced questions and answers and managed to maintain some sort of order. 

Team members refreshed themselves physically and mentally during the excellent supper provided and scores were recorded valiantly by Andrew Simmons and Joan Beresford. 

In the end, The Six Saints team was victorious.

Thank you to the Social Committee for all their planning and hard work putting on another evening of fun and fellowship.

Nations 1

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