On Wednesday, 2nd November last year, Charlotte Wright, one of our young mums at St. Nicholas, dropped her three children off at school as usual, then started to go for a run, something else which she did on a regular basis.  However, on this occasion something totally unexpected happened.  

   Charlotte suffered a Cardiac Arrest and collapsed in Nettleham Road. Two motorists saw her and stopped to offer help in the form of CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), which they maintained until an ambulance arrived and the paramedic restarted her heart, using a defibrillator.  Without the help of these two strangers, both of whom had knowledge of CPR, Charlotte would most certainly not have survived, which is a salutary thought. 

   Charlotte works for Radio Lincolnshire and in April the BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s Save a Life Campaign was launched attempting to get 10,000 people in Lincolnshire trained in CPR in 1 year.  After only 5 months over 14,000 have received training. 

   St Nicholas Church hosted staff from LIVES on Sunday 3rd September.  Instead of the usual sermon Hugh interviewed the CEO of LIVES, Nikki Silver, to find out more about the organisation.  The congregation were then invited to learn how to administer CPR.  Instruction was given by Nikki and one of her colleagues.  Many of the congregation, both young and old, took this opportunity to learn a very important, new, potentially life saving skill. 

   LIVES have over 700+ volunteers who give up their spare time to respond to 999 medical emergencies, in their communities, right across Lincolnshire.  They come from all walks of life and often have no medical experience, just a desire to learn and be there for their community. 

   These LIVES responders do save lives.  They get there quickly to deliver vital immediate care to their neighbours in those critical first moments before handing over to the ambulance service.  Perhaps you would like to join them.  For more information go to www.LIVES>ORG>UK

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