The Rev'd Dr. Hugh Jones            Rural Dean of Christianity Deanery                            

Hugh  Bishop 


On Sunday, 19th February, our vicar was commissioned as the new Rural Dean of Christianity Deanery by the Bishop of Lincoln, The Right Reverend Christopher Lowson.

There are 514 parishes in the diocese of Lincoln, sub-divided into 23 deaneries.  As the Dean of Christianity Hugh is responsible for 14 parishes, of which our church is one. 

His responsibility is to make sure that the clergy are looking after their parishes properly, and to let the bishop know if there is a problem, particularly any case of serious illness or other distress among the clergy.  If a vicar leaves, the Rural Dean has to make sure, with the churchwardens usually, that services of worship continue and that the people of the parish are still cared for.

In addition, he is Co-Chairman of the Deanery Synod and must ensure that, through meetings of the synod, the parishes of the deanery play their full part in the work and decision making of the diocese.  Behind the scenes there is also a legal role, making sure that the parishes look after their buildings and property and keep proper records.  The Rural Dean can be seen as the area manager of the Deanery, and best friend of both priest and parish.